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Shell 15 page confidential statement about OSSL allegations

John Donovan -

[Shell to Sea] One of the statements in the 15 page document states "OSSL made statements that "favours" were provided under Shell instruction and that invoices were amended to reflect general project activities like ditch digging, fencing and ground work, when in reality OSSL claimed gifts were given to people in the community to get them onboard and supporting the project."

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I have provided a link to a 15 page document dated 3 October 2014, which Shell supplied to OSSL, the Irish company that has made serious allegations against Shell.

The information in the document may be of interest to some readers who have followed the long running saga and likewise newspapers and TV and radio stations who have covered the story.

As will be seen, Shell repeatedly states that OSSL has demanded money from them when all claims by OSSL against Shell have, according to Shell, already been settled. 

Shell has provided the most comprehensive statement of events that I have seen thus far. 

It includes Shell transcripts of discussions between Mr Desmond Kane of OSSL and top people at Shell, including Peter Voser, Ben van Beurden and Jorma Ollila at Royal Dutch Shell AGM’s held in 2013 and 2014. 

As can also be seen, Shell is still withholding information – this time on the grounds of legal privilege. 

OSSL – Shell SAR Response

So has the saga come to an end? Were the corruption allegations unfounded?

No, on the contrary, the allegations are factual and the story will soon become even more interesting. 

Posted Date: 
20 October 2014