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Rooftop occupation of Petrol Station hits 24 hours

Occupier -

Activists originally occupied the flyover of the Shell garage at 122-156 Walworth Road, Camberwell, London, around 3pm on 25/09/10 [Pics] The occupation was in solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland, who are resisting Shell's destructive influence, and all those experiencing repression at the hands of this brutal multinational oil company. It is also meant as a warm up action for the Crude Awakening event coming up in London on the 16th October.

On Sunday evenig, he occupation the garage hit it's 24th hour. Activists called for people to head down to a Party at the Pumps.



Initially, staff refused to close the garage and continued to serve customers despite the danger. Eventually, activists took matters into their own hands. The entrance and exit to the forecourt where blockaded, and some naughty pixie poured red paint all over one of the pumps, then left smartish. Eventually the Police arrived and forced the re-opening of the site, and ordered ground based support not to block any cars from entering. So, several hours later, another pixie arrived and hit the "emergency pump shutoff" button. Since then, staff and Police have not attempted to re-open the site, which has now been closed for 15 hours.

The Activists have experienced a warm response from the local community and activist groups, and they call for continued support. Anyone is welcome to head down and join the occupation. All is peaceful and enjoyable. There is currently no Police presence.

Later this evening, there will be a Party at the Pumps in the forecourt of the now-closed garage. Come down and have a right laugh and a good old dance at Shell's expense!

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