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Road blockade at Shell's Compound in Co. Mayo

Press Release - For Immediate release

Road blockade at Shell's Compound in Co. Mayo

This morning at 6.15am two residents from the Rossport Solidarity Camp blocked the road used by Shell to access their controversial compound at Aughoose, Co. Mayo. This action is being taken to highlight Shell's recent incompetency in the North Sea and how these serious incidents and surprisingly common incidents could easily happen in Mayo, with a devastating affect on people's health and the local ecosystem.

There are two people locked by their arms into two concrete barrels blocking the North Coast Road towards Pollathomas. The road is blocked and will remain so until the Gardai are able to cut the people free from the barricades. Local people are still able to access the area using a minor road that Shell's vehicles are not permitted to use.

“If the Mayo project continues in its present form it is not a matter of IF a failure will occur but when and how lethal,” said Alice, a resident of the Rossport Solidarity Camp, who helped to halt the work on Shell's compound today. “Shell track record speaks for itself; serious spills of oil and gas from North Sea platforms are occurring at the rate of one a week.* With this being an experimental high pressure pipeline the effects of a leak are likely to have a far greater impact on the community and the local ecosystem. We took this action today in support of the Shell to Sea campaign”


Background to Shell to Sea.

Local people in North Mayo have been campaigning to stop the development of this gas pipeline in their area for a decade with a combination of political lobbying, court injunctions and civil disobedience.

The local community is against Shell's pipeline in North Co. Mayo because:

  • the pressure would be 144 bar, and possibly higher, compared to a maximum 5 bar in a domestic pipeline;

  • the gas would still contain chemical impurities that corrode pipes and are highly explosive – these would not be removed until the gas reaches the inland refinery;

  • it would not contain the odour that alerts residents to a leak – this is added at the refinery.


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Notes to the Editor


For an update on the situation please ring the camp 0851141170


The Rossport Solidarity Camp has been in Aughoose since March 2011 overlooking Shell's compound.