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Report back from Gluaiseacht Anti Shell actions in London

Fergal - Gluaiseacht

Gluaiseacht travellers home from succesful trip to London.


Gluaiseacht members along with Shell to Sea campaigners, friends and British supporters took part in 3 different actions over the weekend of St Patrick in London. Here is a summary of their story!

Having started at Ennis in County Clare at 11am on Friday the 14th picking up people along the way a full coach load of bewildered people arrived on Rampart street home of the The Rampart Social Center. It is soon to be evicted so we felt lucky to be there.

Having found a place to set up our various air beds and sleeping mats some put the head down for a few hours kip while most went out and about looking to do some site seeing, watch the rugby or catch up with friends or relations in London town.

The rest of the Day was made up of cooking food the masses and having planning meetings for the weekends actions.


Having assembled at the given point on Sunday morning for our part in the Parade it was decided to keep our banners folded for the first few minutes until the parade got underway as he had received warning that organisers weren't happy with protesters in their parade and may ask police to confiscate political banners.

After about 5 mins of walking we unveiled the banners and began singing songs and passing out leaflets to the crowds. We were well received for the most part and the songs streaming out from our many megaphones seemed to lift the crowd on what was a wet and cold london day.

Just as the parade was near its end police did indeed try to take out banners but we were too fast for them. The were quoting the new SOCPA laws which prevent any protest at all within a mile of any point around Westminster Parliament building.

We had heard that Enda kenny and John Gormley were to make speeches at Ken Livingston's St Patrick's party in Trafalgar square later so we headed on up there. As we arrived Mr Gormley was making his speech. We were unable to get near to the stage so instead unveiled ours pipeline and banners at the top end of the square and some members of our group spoke on the mega phone to the assembled crowd about why they were there.

Wet but satisfied we made our way back home to the Rampart.


The following morning we headed over to Waterloo home of Shell in London. The pipe was unwrapped again and presented at the Door of Shell by representatives of the different sections within our group. John from Mayo protesting the coercion of the local community, Bro Anthony from Limerick protesting the Robbery Irish natural resources and Laura from Italy protesting Shells record of crimes and against humanity and the environment world wide. Despite calls for a representative to receive the pipe om Shells behalf none were forthcoming. Then the party started and musicians and mobile sound system cranked out the tunes and the crowd danced Irish jigs outside the building. This helped to keep us warm and our spirits up.

Watch RTE footage here


This meeting was one for Shell to sell themselves to potential investors. We decided to remind these investors that it would be unwise to receive stolen property or to become accessories to worldwide human and environmental degradation. With this in mind we went off to The London Tower bridge hotel where the meeting was to take place. The group repeated the earlier performance of music and dancing while parading the pipeline out side the hotel and around the assembled police. Having found the conference room where the meeting was taking place members of the group advised any potential investors of the record of shell worldwide and asked police to arrest those inside for there murderous activities.

With that we all piled onto the bus again to head for home exhausted but exhilarated at the same time.

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Unveiling the banner having got underway.

Bringing the pipeline to Shell

marching around Shell hq with the pipeline

Trafalgar square (while John Gormley was speaking)



banner drop at Waterloo

Dances with Wolves


loving it

Whats your poison ?

More pics
by Fergal - Gluaiseacht Tue Mar 18, 2008 18:30

more pics

Mobile sound system

Shy photo Cop number 5466

Mayo Folks outside Shell HQ


The Journey's End (proof we actually were in London)

More pics
by Fergal - Gluaiseacht Tue Mar 18, 2008 18:36 gluaiseacht at gmail dot com


at the hilton


marching to the Hilton



More pics

by Fergal - Gluaiseacht Tue Mar 18, 2008 18:40


St Patrick arrives to drive the snakes out!

take it back




We don't want your raw gas pipeline!
by Ray - Cork Shell to Sea Wed Mar 19, 2008 16:59 corkshelltosea at gmail dot com

This weekend of protest started outside the Dáil on Friday evening and we went there in spite of the complete absence of 'reprsentatives of the people'. We'd be catching up with some of them later, but in the meantime they sent out some of their humourless minions to bark inane proscriptions and be a minor irritant.

Pipeline outside the Dáil.

Martin sending a message - read the t-shirt!

Dáil - wide shot.

Unambiguous messages from uncomprising campaigners.

They've been saying this for a long time - and still the government won't listen.

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We don't want your toxic waste!
by Ray - Cork Shell to Sea Wed Mar 19, 2008 17:19 corkshelltosea at gmail dot com

While we were in Dublin we paid brief visits to other buildings that shelter the culpable - the Department of Marine and Natural Resources, and of course, that other enemy HQ, Corrib House. The Gardai followed us from the Dáil and back again. Maybe they find us fascinating.

This Erris man is graphically representing a community condemned to death by Shell. May it never come to pass.

Pat explaining the Great Gas Robbery to Dublin's young citizenry.

Outside the Dept. of Marine. Would they like to have a pipeline this close?

$h€ll's Corrib House. Yes Garda, there's something dodgy going on there.

This enemy facility is somewhere in Wales. We couldn't help ourselves.


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28 March 2008 - 5:36pm