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Rebel support for protesters


A local record label is looking to reinforce Cork’s 'rebel' nickname by raising funds for those fined for their involvement in the Shell to Sea campaign. Eddie Kiely of FIFA Records outlined that the event at The Pavilion on Thursday, March 29th is in “support of the people of Rossport in their struggle against the controversial Shell pipeline” with Rebels Against the Pipe featuring Hope is Noise, Wasp V’s Humans along with Trumpets of Jericho and Lamp.

The gig is in response to the sitting of court cases this week involving Shell to Sea protesters, with 19 people facing up to 80 charges arising from protests that took place over the last year. “This week will be extremely significant in determining how the state deals with peaceful protest. Anyone who is concerned with the current 'state of affairs' in terms of the bank and developer bailout and resulting austerity, fracking, household tax, and other issues, which have and will result in civil disobedience should watch the proceedings with interest,” said Mr Kiely. “From the sheer amount of charges it is clear that the Gardaí are trying to quash the protests which have been peaceful for the last 10 years by coming down heavily on people. These people will face heavy fines.

“I am hoping to raise some money to help them pay the fines they will inevitably incur and I'm hoping to get some of Cork's finest bands together to support the people of Rossport in their struggle against the controversial Shell pipeline.”

Admission is €7/ €5 and further information is available from ‘Rebels Against the Pipe’ on Facebook.

Posted Date: 
27 February 2012