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Press Release: Mayo County Council threaten to evict Rossport Solidarity Camp

Press release - Issued by Rossport Solidarity Camp - Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Mayo County Council (MCC) are continuing the policy of targeting campaigners who oppose the Corrib Gas Project, this time by threatening the Rossport Solidarity Camp with forced eviction in a letter sent last week. MCC accused the Rossport Solidarity Camp of “Unauthorised use of lands for camping at Aghoos, Ballina, Co. Mayo” on the site which the camp had been based for the summer.

Rossport Solidarity Camp, which had 2 marquees and a number of temporary sleeping structures along with 3 micro-wind turbines on the site, had been moving from this site anyway, so the letter is seen as a direct attempt by the Council to intimidate and threaten Corrib campaigners.

The letter is just the latest example of the Council targeting the Rossport Solidarity Camp which so far this year, has also; threatened legal action against the owners of other properties used by the camp and have also stolen a caravan from the Rossport Solidarity Camp field at 3am in the morning, two days before Shell began work [1].

Commenting on the threatened eviction, Camp spokesperson Con Coughlan said “An Bord Pleanala recommended that Shell hand over an €8.5 million fund to Mayo County Council in order to try to buy-off the local community. Since the Council have received this money we've seen a marked increase in what they are willing to do for their paymasters in Shell against the people who are legitimately protesting against the Corrib project”.

Mayo County Council have also consistently turned a blind eye to Shell's illegal work including allowing Shell to weld 3km of pipeline with no permission and exempting other works, with has even led to Shell's own employees, off the record, questioning the motives of the Council.[2]

Con Coughlan continued “The letter threatening eviction was signed by the current County Secretary and at the same time you have former County Secretary, Padraic Hughes going around the area offering money on behalf of Shell. It shows the damaging influence that Shell is having not only on this area but on the way democracy in Ireland is now operating.”[3]

“This country has been ruined by bankers and developers building monuments to greed, and yet we're the ones being threatened with planning law for having a few marquees and tents in a field.





[1] Mayo County Council steal caravan from Rossport Solidarity Camp at 3am

[2] An Bord Pleanala Decision on Shell Corrib Gas Project

[3]Shell stepping up PR battle with new recruit



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