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Peak Shamrock: Oil at the end of the rainbow?


On another tack -
My assoiciate has looked into Lough Allen Find. They have located a number of test drilling sites for gas Finavera in Glangevlin

Finavera have aquired 30 and 40 year leases from the local County Council to do this. Researched by my associate too.

Another associate has asked for a copy the contract to see the terms of the oil and gas deals from 1987, through a Labour TD. This is not forthcoming and the usual guff is coming back from Conor Lenihan (brian’s brother and also another Fianna Fail minister). what came back was a letter saying that they were following the lead of countries like the UK and Norway who don’t now take royalties but just tax. Tax here is very low. Do you know Max/Colm if that is true? ie in 1987 Norway took tax and not Royalties?It’s worth remembering that this is a ‘public contract between Government and oil interests. We continue.

The freedom of Information Act has been successively clawed back by this administration – now you must pay €1000 for public information.

This is a litany of corruption.

In a year or two there will be the big oil find- and they’ll smell of roses to the ‘media’.

Al the best and many thanks to you both,