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Pat O'Donnell is Free

Welcome Home Pat

Pat O'Donnell was released this morning from Castlerea Prison at 7:20am. Even to the last, the Prison officials made things as difficult as possible for Pat. The prison officials told Pat that there was a lift outside waiting for him but wouldn't allow him a phone call to confirm this. On leaving the prison there was no lift for him and he was released into the rain.

Yesterday evening at 4pm, prison officials and subsequently the Governor of the Prison went to Pat and told him that he was being released from prison early (1 day) as the prison was “overcrowded”. He was then told that the Minister for Justice had brought forward his release date by a day and he was free to go. Pat refused to leave the prison until he was given this in writing from the Minister for Justice and so spent last night in jail.

Pat O Donnell spent 158 days in Castlerea prison, his full sentence less the amount for being a well behaved prisoner.

He will make his way home after the rally outside Castlerea Prison at 2pm today.