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Party policies akin to ‘economic treachery’ - Daly

Michael Commins - Mayo News

INDEPENDENT candidate Martin Daly launched his campaign in Hotel Ballina on Thursday night. A member of the teaching staff at St Nathy’s College in Ballaghaderreen, the economics graduate, who has been endorsed by New Vision, The Mayo Reform movement and reputable economists, said he firmly believed the policies by the main political parties amount to ‘economic treachery’.
Addressing supporters, Mr Daly outlined his 20 point national recovery plan which focuses on a structured default to force a re-negotiation of the bailout, separation of bank debt from sovereign debt and radical political reform.
High on his list of priorities are the renegotiation of the highly controversial Shell “deal”, the ending of “our Colonial mindset to the EU and IMF”, the suspension of all Tribunals with the issue of interim reports now, and an end of advocacy groups getting tax payers money.
“FF, FG, Labour, the Greens have all played their part in sending our young people to the boat and plane out of the country. It’s back to the future only worse than the 1980s when I had to emigrate myself. This time round we are left with massive personal debt.
“For FF to cause one recession is unfortunate, but two is unforgivable. Unfortunately FG and Labour are playing by the same rules and appear to be accepting the sell-out. No doubt if they get a modest improvement in the terms they will claim a victory,” he said.
Daly, who along with economists and commentators Paul Somerville, Constantin Gurdiev and David McWilliams, believes only a structured default followed by renegotiation of the bailout can save the economy. “We all know that our nation is being crippled, and we need to get rid of the poisonous penal bailout.
There is hope though. We need to be courageous and learn from Iceland.
“It is time to throw the bondholders overboard, and ditch the IMF /EU sell-out. Once the rot has been rooted out of our banking system, by converting bondholders debt to equity, we can return to the markets who know our economy is basically sound and becoming competitive again. We owe it to the next generation.”
During the week, Martin and some supporters brought a (borrowed) boat to outside the Courthouse beside the Mall in Castlebar as a symbol of the ‘sinking ship of state’ as a result of the bail-out ‘crucifying the economy’. He said it was also symbolic of the new wave of emigration sweeping the country once more.
John Regan from Carrowholly, Westport has been appointed as campaign manager while several others have been chosen to organise the various electoral areas such as Sean O’Connor (Ballinrobe Road) in Westport, Pat Corcoran in Castlebar, Colm Casey in Claremorris, Padraig Lavin and Joe Parsons in the Swinford electoral region, Margaret Molloy and Ian O’Shea in Ballina, and Deirdre Keetley and Agnes Togher in the Belmullet-Erris region.
“I have been getting great support from the Mayo Reform group and I am delighted to be part of the countrywide New Vision movement. Things have to change and we have to end cronyism and embrace a whole new political structure and ethos.”
Martin Daly also confirmed that the Mayo Reform movement was here to stay. “This is our first step into politics. We intend to field candidates around the county in the next local elections in three years time.”