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OSSL Whistleblower Email Sent to Irish Police, Irish Times and Shell on 28 August 2015

John Donovan -

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Date: 28 August 2015 08:10:45 BST

To: Pearse_Street_DS <>,,, Commissioner <>, “<>” <>, Michiel Brandjes <>,

Subject: Corrib CEO ..a Shell man …the day the nightmare began …top cop Gannon.

The Shell CEO appointed to Corrib, accompanied by his Local liaison officer unannounced arrived in the premises of OSSL.


The Shell CEO requests that all present except Neil Rooney leave the office he suggests that Cronin ( Shell local liaison officer ) takes two other witness across Bangor Main Street into Cuffes Cafe …

The Shell CEO Nolan asks Rooney to lock the door and accompany him to the back of the office.

he explains to Rooney that a senior police officer called Gannon was assisting Shell in progressing the project and was in serious trouble resulting from his actions at Pollothomish Pier …Neil Rooneys first hand testimony given to Nolan previously regarding Gannon actions at the pier was going to seriously  damage Gannon at an enquiry already underway by GSOC.

The Shell CEO demanded that Neil Rooney change his account of what happened at the pier…

an account already written ( by Nolan ) and signed by Rooney.

In a perverse attempt to sanitise the demand for a criminal act …the Shell CEO explained to Rooney that Gannon was “their man” and needed to be protected at ” all costs”

Rooney could not have known at that point ….how high that cost would be.

At midday on the fifth of May 2015 Rooney called to Shells offices to recover his signed statement staff told him …. They could not speak to him …they did telephone Gannons Pearse Street Station for two officers to come and remove Rooney …which happened.

Four Independant witnesses can confirm Shells actions …hundreds can confirm Gannons

sickening attack on the people of Erris ….

Is anybody listening?

Posted Date: 
28 August 2015