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No natural resources

Micheál Ó Seighin - Letter to Irish Daily Mail

Ever the master of the poor mouth, Enda Kenny is reported in your edition of March 16 as explaining to a select gathering of movers and shakers in Washington (specifically at a dinner in the house of the vice president Joe Biden) that Ireland is '.. an island which lacks natural resources'.

No lead or zinc or silver; no wind and wave power to be harnessed; no burgeoning forestry products; no grassland producing the finest of grass-fed meat and milk products in the world; no hydrocarbon resources with long term potential - oil, gas, lignite, peat; a complete absence of much-sought-after fishing grounds; no natural landscape to be hungrily sold to ever ready toursists from lands abounding in such riches; no strategic location at the entry points between the (still) two biggest economies ever; no moderate climate.
One does realise that we have given away much of this potential but, in ainm Dé, 'an island which lacks natural resources'!

And he is the Taoiseach?

President Obama may think that our voters are 'volatile', but in their willingness to tolerate the above imbecility as reported by you, they must be the most placid voters on earth.

Micheál Ó Seighin,
Béal an Átha, Co. Mhaigh Eo

Posted Date: 
3 April 2016