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Nnimmo Bassey was arrested when he took these flare photos for trespassing in a toxic environment.

Justice in Nigeria Now

Nnimmo Bassey was arrested last night along with others in Oben, Edo State, Nigeria shortly after taking these pictures. The captions are his.  Gas flares have been illegal in Nigeria since 1984!

These flares have been raging for over 3 decades. Day and night...non stop

Nnimmo Bassey’s work as Executive Director of Environmental Rights Action in Nigeria and Chair of Friends of the Earth International has turned him into one of Africa’s leading advocates and campaigners for the environment and human rights. He has tirelessly stood up against the practices of multinational corporations and the environmental devastation they leave behind, destroying the lives and trampling on the rights of local people.

twin flares...toxic to environment and human health...maximum profits for sHell

Nights are banished here! Note the evil glow