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New book by Donegal woman exposes story behind Ireland’s gas and oil

Donegal Now

Informed by her PhD research, Dr Amanda Slevin's new book Gas, Oil and the Irish State: Understanding the Dynamics and Conflicts of Hydrocarbon Management (Manchester University Press) gives answers to those questions and offers the first comprehensive account of the Irish state and how it manages its gas and oil.

Dr Amanda Slevin, a Convoy woman, became interested in Irish gas and oil when the Rossport Five were jailed in 2005. Amanda’s academic and community activist background led her to wonder how and why the Corrib gas dispute emerged and what role the Irish state played in the evolution of the conflict.

Dr Slevin identifies environmental, health and safety concerns underpinning community resistance to the project and illustrates how the dispute raised concerns about the Irish state and how it functions.

Gas, Oil and the Irish State


Covering a period from 1957 to 2014, Gas, Oil and the Irish State offers a detailed study of decision-making and policy formation around Irish gas and oil and explains how the state developed its approach and how it compares with other countries.

By comparing international studies of fiscal systems for oil and gas production in 74 countries, Amanda found Ireland had the second lowest rate of return due to its 25% tax rate (1992 licensing terms). In stark contrast, over half of those countries demanded returns of over 70% with our neighbour Norway imposing a 78% tax rate and state participation in oil and gas activities.

To launchGas, Oil and the Irish State Amanda will be joined by His Excellency Roald Naess (Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland) and Fr Kevin O’Hara (founder of the Centre for Social and Corporate Responsibility, Nigeria) in a lively event that will includes lessons from Norway and Nigeria and a plenary session to encourage public debate about Irish gas and oil.

Hosted by Councillor Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig,Gas, Oil and the Irish State will be launched in the Public Services Centre, Letterkenny on Thursday 4th August.

Posted Date: 
2 August 2016