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Nationalise the oil

Gerry Casey, eirigi Sligeach - Daily Mail letters

SLIGO-North Leitrim Fianna Fail TD Jimmy Devins suggested this week that ways of extending the Corrib gas field to benefit the north-west need to be explored.

Yet this deputy has steadfastly supported the give-away of these valuable resources worth hundreds of billions of euro to create profits for the shareholders of multinational companies like Shell. Contrary to Mr Devins's suggestion that extending the Corrib gas to the north-west would benefit the region, under the current circumstances where Shell own and control the gas, the only people to benefit will be shareholders in Shell. It is our belief that if Mr Devins wants to seek benefits for the people of the north-west and the people of this island in general from the Corrib gas field, then the only way to do that is to support ending Shell's involvement in exploiting our natural resources and their proposed pipeline through north Mayo.

He would support the nationalisation of the Corrib gas field and other similar fields, support the refining of the gas at sea and support using the vast revenue obtained to create efficient public services, to eradicate poverty and increase living standards for workers.

The only people to benefit if Shell get their way will be shareholders in Shell or companies with shares in Shell at the expense of the people of this island.

GeRRy CASey, eirigi Sligeach, Maugheraboy, Co. Sligo.