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Mick Wallace highlighting Corrib in Dáil discussion on Garda Reform

Mick Wallace - TD

[Shell to Sea]  Mick Wallace finished his speech to the Dáil on his submission to the Garda Amendment Bill 2014 saying "The citizen has a right to protest peacefully, but that is not what happened at Rossport, where democracy was suspended to facilitate the interests of Shell. Civil liberties were eroded, and repression, criminality and a lack of accountability became the order of the day. The people of Corrib deserve justice. The people of Ireland also deserve justice.

I wish the Minister the very best in trying to bring us the police force we need. I have no doubt that it will not be easy but where there is a will there is a way. We can introduce all the legislation we like, but without the political will to make it happen, nothing will change"

The Dail discussion from the 27th May on the Garda Amendment Bill 2014 can be read in here:

Posted Date: 
28 May 2014