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MEP assaulted by Gardaí at Shell protest

Shell to Sea



Dublin MEP Paul Murphy was assaulted by Gardaí as he took part in a sit-down protest on the road close to Shell’s refinery site at Bellanaboy. 


Paul Murphy said: 

"I saw today the garda brutality that is being used against peaceful protesters on basically a daily basis. Not only did I witness it but I also experienced it today when I was involved in a peaceful sit down protest alongside 20 other people and I and the other protesters were subject to abuse by the Gardaí. I was punched in the head, I had my pressure point targeted as in my ear was deliberately twisted to a point of excruciating pain and my stomach was repeatedly poked and prodded at very sensitive points deliberately to cause severe pain trying to get me to stop participating in the protest"

This protest is a continuation of the daily protests that have been happening in Mayo since Shell began work on the onshore pipeline in July. People have been blocking roads in order to stop deliveries being made to the Shell compound in Aughoose.

Today one person sat on top of a truck blocking the road for 3 hours, until Gardaí brought a cherry picker to get the person down. People sat down in the road to block the cherry picker and were violently removed by Gardaí using pressure points.

Currently all haulage coming from Bellanaboy refinery to Shell's compound is stopped, with 50 people gathered outside the main gate and 7 lorries backed up inside the refinery not moving. Normally deliveries are from 7am to 7pm, but all deliveries have been blocked today since 1pm.

Paul Murphy continues, "What I have seen here today only deepens my solidarity with the people of Mayo who are resisting Shell. This pressure point thing is a sinister development, they are not just involved in dragging people off the roads but are deliberately trying to cause severe pain to peaceful protesters in order to intimidate them to stop them protesting. I will continue to show my support by attending the protests here in Mayo, and despite Garda violence I don't think people here will be backing down anytime soon."





For more details about Thursday's protest, contact: 

Paul Murphy: 086 168 8050

For photos from the protest, contact:

Terence Conway: 086 0866264


Posted Date: 
25 August 2011