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Articles on the Corrib Gas Project.

2010 - Blog about Living on the Solidarity Camp. - blog site run by William Hederman


Other struggles against oil & gas companies around the world 

Niger delta

  • MOSOP - Movement for the survival of the Ogoni people.
  • HNDC - Hope for the Niger Delta Campaign
  • Remember Saro-Wiwa - London based activist memorial.
  • OSF - Ogoni Solidarity Forum
  • NDFI - Eco village trying to repair the damage Shell has done to their community.




New Zealand 

  •  Without Your Walls - Wordpress highlighting Maori communities defending their lands from oil & gas company Petrobras.


Tar Sands, Canada

  • Trans Canada Pipeline Protest - Eddie Radillo's blog, 2010
  • Stop - Stop Tar Sands Oil Pipelines, informative community website.
  • IEN - Indigenous Environmental Network, global grassroots project against the tar sands.


South America


Argentina & Malaysia


Info on  campaigns against fossil fuel extraction

  • Carbon Web - a project within PLATFORM's long term initiative, 90% CRUDE. Like all PLATFORM's work it is driven by a commitment to social and ecological justice
  • Rising Tide - taking local action and building a movement against climate change

General info on Shell

List of some of Shell’s accidents