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A letter of support from UK green party leader Caroline Lucas MP


Leader, The Green Party of England & Wales

8 October 2010

Thank you for your email 30/6/10 to Caroline Lucas about the Shell to Sea campaign in Ireland, which Caroline has asked me to reply to.

Caroline has followed the situation regarding the Corrib Gas project with concern since at least July 2005 when, as an MEP, she wrote to Taioseach Ahern in connection with the imprisonment of five men for, in her words, “protesting at the construction of the Corrib pipeline by Shell.” You can find the full text of her very strong letter on

In July 2007, shortly after Eamon Ryan TD was appointed minister for Energy & Natural Resources, she wrote to him expressing her concern about the environmental impact of the scheme and pointing out that “all revised versions of the pipeline proposal will impact on sites protected by EU law.”

Caroline has not changed her views over the environmental issues involved and strongly supports the Shell to Sea campaign. She will continue to bring whatever pressure she can as an MP and Leader of the Green Party in England & Wales. She is aware that Shell has not yet received approval for its application to bring oil ashore by an undersea tunnel and is hopeful that, following the BP catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the scrutiny of these kind of projects will be more intense and provide an added and significant obstacle to Shell receiving approval.

Thank you for writing to Caroline. She greatly admires the determination with which you have continued your campaign over the last 10 years and wishes you a successful outcome.

On behalf of the Green Party Leadership Office

Yours sincerely

Brian Levison