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Jail sentence for Shell to Sea protester

Mayo News

A SHELL to Sea protester was sentenced to three months imprisonment for his part in a ‘lock-on’ protest during a protest against the Corrib gas project.
Terence Conway of Inver, Barnatra was sentenced during a week long special sitting of Belmullet District Court which heard cases of 19 Shell to Sea protesters. Mr Conway was the only person to receive a prison sentence while three others received suspended sentences and fines in all cases totalled €8,350.
The court dealt with 80 charges for mainly public order offences which took place during protests against the Corrib gas project in 2011, resulting in 44 convictions.
Mr Conway, who is also a Shell to Sea spokesperson, received two three month prison sentences which are to be served concurrently for obstructing Shell construction vehicles. He is currently on bail pending an appeal to the Circuit Court.
After the court sitting, Mr Conway said he will continue to protest against the on-going work on the gas project.
“We will continue to oppose Shell’s Corrib project on health, safety, environmental and economic grounds. Prison sentences and fines won’t change the simple truth that the Corrib project is neither acceptable to the community nor beneficial to the country. Real justice is yet to be served.”

Posted Date: 
28 February 2012