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Ireland's Corrib gas field output to resume Wednesday - Statoil


[Shell to Sea]  It seems that Shell are being allowed to start up supplying gas to the national gas grid again, despite still no public explanation being given as to what caused the danger and pollution that resulted from unodourised gas being put on the grid.  The EPA/CER has still not responded to any on Shell to Sea's questions sent on the 1st October. 

The restart raises other questions for the EPA/CER

(i) if it's all clear to start back on Wed at 8a.m. - at 40% capacity - then surely the CER/CRU must have given the go-ahead so when did this happen?

(ii) can CER/CRU confirm that all questions put to them by Shell to Sea have been fully answered and when will they be in contact with Shell to Sea in that regard?

(iii) has the EPA concluded its 'investigation' and what is the result?

(iv) will the EPA be replying directly to Shell to Sea?

(v) how long is the 40% supply rate expected to last and when will the Corrib field return to 100% capacity?

(vi) will cold venting and/or flaring take place prior to and/or following start-up?


OSLO (Reuters) - The outage at Ireland’s Corrib gas field is expected to end on Wednesday at 0800 GMT, Norway’s Statoil (STL.OL) said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Corrib field’s output, which has been reduced by 9.9 million cubic metres per day since Sept. 22, will be reduced by just 6.0 million cubic metres during ramp-up on Wednesday, it added.

Posted Date: 
11 October 2017