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An Illustration of the work Shell has done in 10 years

Watch the Primetime linked below from the 5th of July 2001 which asks "who really benefits from Ireland's offshore exploration industry"

It illustrates the work that Shell and other oil companies have done in the last 10 years to change political and media views in relation to the giveaway.


Some of the quotes from the programme are:

Tonight's Primetime asks - "who really benefits from Ireland's offshore exploration industry"

Justin Keating - 1975 Minster for Industry and Commerence
"I was hoping to achieve a balance which did 2 things. If you didn't give a return to the big companies they wouldn't come but I wanted in the division of the cake between the big companies and Ireland  I wanted them to get as little as would presuade them in and Ireland, the people of Ireland, to get as much It was about cutting the cake to the nations advantage"

Jim Higgins - Fine Gael MEP
"I'm at a loss to know why the government at a total loss to know as to why the government is so benign, so benovalent, and so generous in terms of dealing with oil companies  and effectively in my opinion selling the family silver because that is really what's happening here."

"If your giving a far more generous terms, set of terms and conditions than other jurisdictins are giving in terms of the development of your natural resources one has to ask why and I'm at a loss to know why"

"We won't actually see anything by way of tax into the system for years to come,as one might say until the cows come home. It's going to be many years before we actually see the benefit in terms of tax drawdown to the exchequer"

Frank Fahy - Minster for Natural Resources in 2001 - "We will be importing our own gas"
RTE Presenter - "Ironic isn't it"
Frank Fahy - "No it's not ironic."