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Gormley 'should protect conservation area', say Shell to Sea

Shell to Sea have called on Minister for Environment John Gormley to protect the environment and turn down Shell's application for a Foreshore Licence which would entail carrying out destructive surveying works in Sruwaddacon Estuary. Sruthwaddacon estuary is a Special Protection Area (SPA) and forms part of the Glenamoy Bog Complex Special Area for Conservation (SAC). The closing date for submissions was Tuesday, 23rd February.

In the application, Shell propose to drill up to 80 boreholes over a period of five to seven months.

139 objections from households along the estuary were handed in to the Department of Environment against this application just prior to the deadline, while numberous others have also been submitted. Shell are looking to carry out these works with a view to laying the onshore pipeline up the estuary, despite their pipeline consultants RPS previously stating that this would have too great an environmental impact.


Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway said: “Sruthwaddacon estuary is a very important part of the local landscape, as well as being both an environmentally protected SAC and an SPA. Shell are trying to understate the damage that they will cause, but we have examined the application, and 5-7 months of works means a serious amount of damage to the estuary. The proposed works would have a very damaging effect on the protected salmon and bird-life that populate the area.”


He added: “Responsibility for this area has recently switched to John Gormley's Department of the Environment, and now it's time for the Greens to show their political backbone and stand up for the environment here in North Mayo!”