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Garda Ombudsman Admits a Complaint on alleged Delivery of Alcohol to Belmullet garda Station was Received but was Inadmissable

Midwest Radio

Today the Garda Ombudsman’s Office has admitted to Midwest News that it had received a complaint about an alleged large delivery of alcohol to the garda station in Belmullet sent to it by Shell, at Christmas 2007.

RTE News reported on Tuesday that the Garda Ombudsman was not investigating the matter because no complaint was made to it.

Today, a spokesperson for the office says it should have stated that no admissible complaint was made to it about the alleged incident.

The accusation of a large delivery of alcohol to Belmullet garda station has been made by a north Mayo based company that had worked for Shell, OSSL, however Shell has denied the claim.

Two north Mayo residents, Micheal O’Seighin - one of the Rossport 5 and Terence Conway of Shell to Sea jointly submitted a complaint about the alleged matter to the Garda Ombudsman’s Office on May 13th (2013) and following a number of communications between both sides, on July 26th last they were told that their complaint was inadmissible.

Micheal O’Seighin told Midwest News today that they were less than satisfied with “the excuses” given for not investigating the complaint, in essence telling the men that they were not directly affected by the alleged action and so their complaint was inadmissible.

Gardai have appointed a Superintendent in Swinford to re-examine the claim made by OSSl and that investigation is ongoing.

In a statement today from Pobal Chill Chomain they say that as a community group it is extremely concerned with the most recent developments regarding allegations of bribery involving  members of An Garda Siochana and agents acting on behalf of the Corrib developers.
Various statements, it claims, have been issued in recent days by Shell and the police force, and notes with dismay that neither group has yet denied the accusations, but merely pushed them away with talk of repeated internal investigations with no possibility of independence.

Pobal Chill Chomain also notes the statement issued by the Garda Siochana Ombusdman Commission (GSOC) that no complaints were received in relation to the revelations as “ deeply disturbing”.  Whether intentionally misleading or otherwise, Pobal Chill Chomain says it knows know this statement to be untrue.

It has called for a truly independent investigation into these matters.

Last week Shell to Sea’s Maura Harrington called for an independent international enquiry into the allegation made by OSSL regarding the large delivery of alcohol to Belmullet garda station in 2007.

Posted Date: 
22 August 2013