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Fracking debate hots up as locals react strongly to company’s comments

Leitrim Observer

The potential development of the Lough Allen Basin as a place where hundreds of gas wells could be constructed by companies such as Tamboran Resources looks set to be one of the biggest stories in this region for some time to come.

Last week’s interview with Richard Moorman, CEO Tamboran Resources, drew a strong and an often heated response as protesters objected to the manner in which the story was covered in last week’s paper.

By interviewing Richard Moorman, the Leitrim Observer was able to establish and put on the record what his company’s objectives in the area are and his comments drew a strong reaction on the newspapers’ website, facebook page and numerous e-mails and letters were also sent to the editor.

Reacting to the article and Mr Moorman’s comments, one member of the public noted, “He sounds in the article as if he is looking for investors. Any investor should run a mile if they do their research. There’s no money to be made in investing in it. And that’s the New York Times talking. That’s before we even get into the delays. Investors should ask Shell - been 10 years delayed now in Mayo. So don’t bother investing. Now local tourism projects? Fine, invest there.”

Another contributor to the debate asked whether people will come out strongly against the fracking in a similar manner to the protests against Shell in Rossport noting, “I’m very sad to see we could have as bad if not worse situation on our hands here now - I wonder if as many people will think the battle is about a few soft euros when its on their own doorsteps - and when there’s more mudslides down the mountain and polluted water in our taps - not to mention when they do get as far as raping our mineral resources and taking it all away abroad while leaving a trail of destruction and feck all benefits in the wee county!”

See this week’s Leitrim Observer for the full report.

Posted Date: 
18 July 2011