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Five Corrib 'rape tape' gardai cleared over offensive remarks

Amy Wall -

Five of the gardaí who have been at the centre of the Corrib Shell to Sea ‘rape tape’ controversy since last March have been cleared of any offence and are unlikely to face any disciplinary action.

The Irish Independent learned last night that the gardaí involved in the ‘rape tape’ fiasco are set to walk away from the controversy without any criminal or serious disciplinary action for the offensive ‘rape’ comments that they made against female protestors at the Corrib oil pipeline.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission launched a full investigation into the distasteful comments allegedly made by members of the gardaí as they drove back to their station in March 2011. The full report will be published in full later today.

So what happened exactly? Here’s a brief refresher.

The Corrib ‘rape tape’ fiasco occurred last year when members of the gardaí were recorded making offensive remarks about a female protestor that they had just arrested.

On the tape, several gardaí are heard speaking about the protestors. In reference to the woman they had apprehended, one gardaí allegedly describes her as being “a Yank or a Canadian.” Another gardaí in the car responds with: “well, whoever, we’ll get immigration f**king on her.”

The two officers then joke about deporting and raping the woman if she does not cooperate with them and give them her name and address.

Obviously the remarks sparked outrage, although despite the public’s offense at the controversy last year, it is likely that five gardaí will walk away free and only one will be held accountable for a minor offence.

It is being reported that the Garda Commissioner, Martin Callinan, will decide later today if any disciplinary action should be taken.

Posted Date: 
24 April 2012