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Fionnuala & Donal O'Kelly nominated for Prix Italia

Donal O Kelly

[Shell to Sea]  Huge congratulations to Donal O Kelly on getting his play Fionnuala getting nominated for Prix Italia for best radio drama.  Also a damning indictment of media in Ireland & RTE that it is listed as a Norwegian radio drama after NRK (Norwegian state broadcaster) commissioned Fionnuala.


I'm a bit gobsmacked here, 'cos I'm only after realising now that my radio adaptation of Fionnuala, about the Shell-Statoil Mayo gas fiasco, in Norwegian for NRK, is on the shortlist of 5 radio dramas for the Prix Italia 2016. I got an email about it an all a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't read it properly!! It's on THIS WEEKEND. The other four are from the BBC, France, Romania and Sweden. It's note-worthy that an established media organisation such as the Prix Italia agrees with NRK (Norwegian state broadcaster) that the corruption involving Shell/Statoil, the Irish state and the Gardaí over many years in Erris Co. Mayo matters enough to warrant investigation through radio drama. Huge thanks to NRK for commissioning Fionnuala based on my theatre piece, and wow wahoo that it's on the shortlist for the famous Prix Italia. I just hope it's another small step in lifting the lid off the media obfuscation on what has been done in Erris in the past sixteen years. It's incredible the lengths you have to go to to tell the truth about what's happening in Ireland. It's also encouraging that it's possible to get around obstacles. I take great inspiration from Richard O' Donnell and the way he has made such impact with his tv documentaries The Pipe and Atlantic. Where there's a will there's a way.…/SHORT-LISTED-PROGRAMMES-4e67…

Posted Date: 
1 October 2016