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Eve (11) joins in the Dame Street protest

Anne Campbell - The Argus

A DUNDALK schoolgirl who survived open heart surgery as a baby joined hundreds of others at the first weekend of the Occupy Dame Street protest in Dublin.

Eve Haberland, who featured on the front page of the Argus in September 2001, was taken to the Occupy protest by her Shell to Sea activist mum, Nicole, on Saturday and the pair even spent a night at the makeshift camp.

Proud mother Nicole told the Argus on Monday that she and her daughter decided to join the leaderless protest at the weekend after being asked by the Democracy Now organisation for Shell to Sea to be represented at the event. Nicole, who is a Rossport veteran, having protested against the oil company for many years, took her 11-year-old with her to give her a taste of peaceful agitation.

Nicole said: 'I was so proud of Eve - she held up the massive Shell to Sea banner as we joined the march from the Garden of Remembrance to the Dame Street camp. She really loved being at the camp, meeting new people from all walks of life and helping out with the food.

The Haberlands, who have recently moved to Ravensdale from Waterville Crescent, were 'inspired' by the peaceful, democratic atmosphere that permeated the camp site.

'Eve even made a poster that said: 'I'm only 11 and I was sold into slavery'. And this site, like others across the world, is empowering people who feel voiceless and afraid to make a difference'.


Posted Date: 
25 October 2011