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Esther Kiobel’s Dutch lawsuit against Shell

John Donovan -

Esther Kiobel is one of three “Ogoni 9” widows whose collective case against Shell is currently moving forward in the Dutch courts. Esther is the lead plaintiff.

Esther accuses Shell of conspiring with a corrupt Nigerian military dictatorship in the murder of her husband Dr. Barinem Kiobel who, along with other members of the Ogoni 9, including Ken Saro-Wiwa, where all hanged on false charges. 

Esther has asked me to republish a related extensive report by the UNPO – the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization – published in February 1995.

A link is provided below to the report, the content of which is devasting to Shell’s reputation. We have used the latest technology to enhance readability, with all pages turned upright.

UNPO REPORT FEB 1995 John Donovan copy

Posted Date: 
23 September 2019