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Email - Thank you so much from Mullumbimby , Australia

A - Mullumbimby , Australia


From: A
Date: Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 11:21 AM
Subject: Thank you so much from Mullumbimby , Australia

Hi there,

 I live in a small-ish town of 3000 people on the East Coast of
Australia called Mullumbimby (near Byron Bay). I just finished
watching The Pipe and felt compelled to write to ALL of you who have
participated in 'stopping' Shell Corporation.

Only 1 hour away from our town Coal Seam Gas mining is taking place
and we have been protesting for the past 8months and for others, it
has been 2-3 years. There are plans for 100, 000+ wells in the state
of Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW). We are building a
movement across Australia against the giant corporations who want to
threaten our farming, agriculture industries, our fishing community
and the basic right for clean water. There are 91 groups across
Australia trying to stop this. This is happening all around the world.

I really wanted to say THANK YOU for your Courage, Thank you for your
commitment, Thank you to many the WHO DIDN"T GIVE UP. I want to show
all our rural communities whose livelihoods are threatened your film.
Many are getting ready to blockage with their tractors as the proposed
pipeline comes extremely close to house and goes right through World
Heritage List National Parks. They are currently dredging up the Great
Barrier Reef - fish are dying, endangered turtles, dugongs and
dolphins are dying and severely  threatened. It's a disgrace. The
Australian Government is ignoring the people, and the law.
YOU give me strength and I will pass your film onto 100's and 1000's
of people. You will give up the courage to continue and NOT give up.
I can't thank you all enough...please pass this on if you feel it relevant to...
Good luck - together we can make a difference.
love and strength,
A... xoxoxoxoxo

Posted Date: 
20 December 2011