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Dublin 'Shell to Sea' Group Highlight Ireland's Loss of Oil and Gas Reserves

Oil Voice

Members of Dublin Shell to Sea gathered on Grafton Street in Dublin on Friday last week to distribute "commemorative bank notes" to highlight issues around Ireland's oil and gas resources.

They say the notes symbolise the €560bn cost to the exchequer of "giving away" Ireland's oil and gas reserves.

Spokesperson for Dublin Shell to Sea Caoimhe Kerins said the group hoped to highlight the extent of Ireland's oil and gas resources today.

"According to the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, there are 10 billion barrels of oil equivalent off the west coast. That doesn't include the south coast, the east coast or inland," said Ms Kerins..

"At the moment the Irish State retains a 0% share in whatever finds there are."

Shell to Sea Group
The Shell to Sea campaign is now a national campaign, with branches not only in Mayo, but also in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kildare, Kinsale, Waterford, and Belfast. All of these branches work together to achieve the aims of having the gas processed at sea according to international best practice, and to have the Corrib Gas deal renegotiated.