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Donal O'Kelly's Brace - Fionnuala


Magic riffs with a beautiful incongruity through the first of Donal O'Kelly's brace of one-man shows, playing on alternate nights. In the full pinstripe attire of the businessman used to being obeyed, O'Kelly recounts a story which slips from real events in current Irish life into the world of myth and fairy tale.

The current events concern attempts by Shell to drill a 4.2m diameter tunnel to bring gas ashore in Rossport, County Mayo. Myth seeps through in the form of a faerie swan, embodiment of one of the Children of Lir - including a certain Fionnuala - who were turned into swans and exiled to a nearby island.

Wide-eyed and with a hint of one possessed, O'Kelly brings the reality of a Shell executive, manipulating communities to get the pipe in place. Compelled to speak the truth after an encounter with Fionnuala, it is a story of policing that goes beyond coercive into areas of human-rights abuse.

Punctiliously directed by Sorcha Fox, O'Kelly casts his own magic over his unadorned black-box staging. A table, a chair and his enthralling presence weaving the tale which finds Shell's attitude, and its employees actions, to be comparable to those of the Catholic Church and the abuse by priests of children in their charge.

Posted Date: 
18 August 2013