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Councillor appalled over Shell truck blockage at Glenamoy

The Editor - Mayo Today
The health and safety of a whole community was put at risk by the blocking of the junction of the L1203 and R312 roads at Glenamoy Crossroads by a Shell Convoy, according to local Sinn Féin councillor, Rose Conway-Walsh.  Efforts are continuing to move the jack-knifed 160-ton truck carrying machinery for the Shell Ireland for tunnelling work near Rossport.

Speaking after visiting the site of the blocked road, Cllr. Conway-Walsh said: “I am extremely concerned that the areas of Carrowteigue, Rossport, Porturlin and surrounding villages have been completely cut off by the vehicles transporting Shell’s giant boring machine.

"My immediate concern is that an ambulance or Fire Brigade cannot access people living in the area without an additional hour and a half drive.  I have spoken with people today who have been unable to get to hospital appointments and have been greatly inconvenienced by this debacle.”

“The lack of consultation about the transporting by road of this exceptional heavy convoy is appalling.  I can categorically state that neither Shell or Mayo Council consulted me as a local councillor about the transporting of this 172 tonne tunnel boring machine.

"Had I been consulted, the first question I would have asked is has the carrying capacity of the route been assessed by Mayo County Council and what health & safety plan has been put in place.”

Report requested

“I have asked Mayo County Council for a report on how the route was assessed and what traffic management plan was put in place before the permit was granted to allow this weight and size to be transported.

"At this stage I am not only concerned about the damage done to the road where the vehicles jack-knifed but to the whole route coming into the county from Sligo including Ballina, Crossmolina and Bangor.  I believe a Pavement Condition Index should have been done prior to the permit being granted.  Otherwise, how is the any damage going to be assessed. ”

“Another question arising from this incident,  and indeed one that has arisen when the excessive noise levels were reached in early June is, who is accountable, who can local people contact when there is an event where there are immediate health and safety concerns.

"Is it Shell, Mayo County Council or the local Gardai?  It appears that everyone has the authority yet no one has the responsibility.  This is not good enough.”

Posted Date: 
2 August 2012