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Corrib field offers no energy security

Donal O'Leary - Letters to The Examiner

YOUR report headlined ‘FG calls on Government to increase gas storage’ (April 14) quotes a spokesman for the Department of Energy as saying "the development of the Corrib Gas field would also provide a new source of gas supply which could meet up to 60% of our annual demand in its early years of operation".

This is very misleading. Because of the deals made by successive governments for the exploitation of the Corrib field, the state can presume no benefit from its own gas. Shell and its partners can take this gas and supply it wherever they please.

The Irish people will receive no security of gas supply and no royalties from the sale of our natural resources. This is why we call it "the great gas giveaway".

Donal O’Leary
Lr Cork Street
Co Cork