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Contact details for Shell to Sea groups

You can get in contact with a local Shell to Sea group in by contacting any of the e-mail addresses below.  Many of the groups have regular meetings.  At the meetings we discuss how we can help the campaign, we organise public actions and demos and media work etc. Its always great to have new people with new ideas getting involved and you don’t have to have ever been involved in anything else before.

Mayo:     mayoshelltosea at
               Shell to Sea spokespeople - Terence Conway 086 086 6264
                                                    - Maura Harrington 087 959 1474

Rossport Solidarity Camp:  rossportsolidaritycamp AT
                                        phone: 0851141170

Dublin:    dublins2s AT  
              phone: 086 736 2417

Cork:      corkshelltosea AT 

Galway:   galwayshell2sea AT   

Belfast:   shelltoseabelfast AT 

Clare:     clareshelltosea at gmai­

Gort:      shelltoseagort at

Wexford: shelltoseawexford at

Castleblayney: castleblayneyshelltosea AT



Shell to Sea London: londonshelltosea at

Shell to Sea Germany:

Shell to Sea Switzerland:
                                     info AT