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Clare Daly: Who Polices the Police?

Rossport Solidarity Camp - YouTube

Today, a Garda whistleblower is due to give evidence to the Public Accounts Committee. 

In the video below Clare Daly explains how their involvement with the Garda whistleblowers stemmed from the Corrib protests.  Clare Daly also speaks about the need "to have a complete and utter overhaul of the Garda Siochana"

"Our involvment with the Garda whistleblowers in this case actually started as a result of the protests here and in Corrib"    

"What is at the heart of the penalty points issue ...  It was never about a bit of discretion ...What was at stake here really was systemic abuses, multiple terminations for privileged people, and that's really what it was, one law for connected people and one for everybody else."

Clare Daly speaking at the Peoples' Forum entitled "Who Polices the Police?" on the 23rd November 2013 in Inver Community Centre. Here she discusses breaking the penalty points scandal, the Garda whistleblowers and their connection to Corrib.

Posted Date: 
23 January 2014