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Callinan - "Some Shower Brian"

Today at the Disclosures Tribunal - further insight into how the Dept of Justice and Gardaí HQ view anyone who challenges them!!

Another damning insight into the contempt held by Dept of Justice chief Brian Purcell and #MartinCallinan for those who stood behind #MauriceMcCabe early on, including elected public representative @lukeming #DisclosuresTribunal

— Gemma O'Doherty (@gemmaod1) 16 April 2018


#DisclosuresTribunal sees texts btw Callinan and BP on March 6 2016. Text from Callinan to BP saying: "About 120 protesters outside Mullingar station Ming Flanagan, Maura Harrington, etc. Supporting McCabe. M"

— broadsheet_ie (@broadsheet_ie) 16 April 2018


#DisclosuresTribunal Brian Purcell texted back: "You can judge a man by his friends". Callinan texted back: "Some shower Brian"

— broadsheet_ie (@broadsheet_ie) 16 April 2018

Posted Date: 
16 April 2018