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Beneath it Devours

Clodagh O’Brien - The Galway Review

Inspired by the Shell to Sea campaign

 Unloveable Shell, the Goddess of Oil

Giants whirr and clank,

wrench earth by its roots

tear, clench, gouge

an artery –

an ocean wide.


Poisons seep

invade flesh to

arrest alveoli,

heavy with grief.


Over metal chatter

a hand of voices roar;

to impede the bully, secure

beneath its jaundiced shell.


A gavel falls

shatters shackles

allows the beasts’ return

to pillage the tip of Erris,

nestled in Ireland’s arm.


A community fractured,

bipolar and bleeding,

left to battle batons

raised at flesh and bone,

reigning dull blows.

Posted Date: 
24 December 2012