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Beat the Boreholes disrupts Shell once again!

RSC - Indymedia

Last Wednesday protesters disrupted Shell's work as they moved one of their hideous drilling rigs into a shallow part of the SAC estuary, close to the Rossport solidarity camp. Protesters used kayaks to get to the rig which was flanked by fourteen boats of I-RMS security and Gardai.


Kayakers were dragged away from the vicinity of the rig by I-RMS and their paddles were illegally seized. After a while some people decided to abandon their kayaks and swim towards the overly protected drilling rig. The I-RMS aggressively pulled a swimming protester into their boat to drag him away from the rig. I-RMS pulled his hair, broke and stole the head camera on his head and left marks on his skin, all in the name of health and safety. A protester escaped arrest by jumping off the side of a Garda boat he was put on. One person was arrested when she successfully reached the rig but released without charge.
Actions against the destructive borehole drilling continue...join us!

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