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Alleged sinister developments in OSSL Shell corruption scandal

John Donovan -

I have published this email from OSSL because I know for a fact (including from my own experience) that Shell has used undercover agents to intimidate perceived enemies of the company and has engaged in widespread industrial espionage using former MI6 agents. I have the documentary evidence to prove what I say is 100% true.

I do not know whether the concerns expressed by OSSL in this email are well founded, but thought it best, for safety’s sake, to put their concerns into the public domain, so that senior Shell executives cannot afterwards claim that they were unaware of these matters.

Subject: Mr Neil Rooney safety concerns upcoming NOLAN SHELL GANNON GARDA PRESS COVERAGE
Date: 20 August 2013 21:11:00 GMT+01:00
To: John Shell News <>

Mr Donovan ,

May we respectfully request the use of your esteemed web site to alert Shell to a extremely worrying situation …earlier today we contacted Shell and requested assistance and information without success ….now we revert to your good self to get the necessary required attention .

Ahead of upcoming release of full information on the ….JOE GANNON ..GARDA …SHELL …DEMANDS …FOR STATEMENT FALSIFICATION.  …BY A MEMBER OF OSSL  …. Soon to be covered by the press in the UK …Neil Rooney of OSSL has been alerted to information that questions regarding his whereabouts have been asked by persons unknown to him in his home town of Downpatrick in Co Down.

These questions are accompanied by a strong degree of intimidatory remarks ….and real fear for Mr Rooney’s  safety along with a duty of care realisation by OSSL which must be followed by a similar duty of care obligation by Shell whom demanded the statement falsification through their CEO Mr Terry Nolan .

We request you use your good offices to ask the current Shell personnel safety supremo to act without delay …..preferably within the next twelve hours .

These threats are real and action is required NOW!!!

Desmond Kane .

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Posted Date: 
21 August 2013