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Alleged death threats against whistleblower Shell Corrib employees

John Donovan -

Earlier today I sent an email to Richard Wiseman, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc advising him of alleged death threats made against Shell Corrib employees, who for some months have been leaking Shell internal emails to us, which we have published.

I supplied to Mr Wiseman the latest batch of leaked emails together with a draft email we intend to send to the Irish Police Commissioner reporting a Shell espionage operation against Shell Corrib employees and alleged related death threats.

My email to Mr Wiseman was also sent to Shell CEO Peter Voser and Lorna Siggins at The Irish Times who has been reporting on the Corrib story from the outset and is the author of the recently published book “Once Upon a Time in the West: The Corrib Gas Controversy“. It seems that the title may be more appropriate than the author anticipated.

I await a response from Shell as to the authenticity of the Shell internal emails and any comment on the related alleged death threats.

In the meantime, visitors to this website will have noticed that by co-incidence or otherwise, the website was down again today. This could be due to a cyber attack by an unknown party, perhaps Shell’s counter-measures team? Either the site is becoming even more popular, or it is being maliciously flooded by requests designed to overwhelm the dedicated server. Looks like we will have to ramp up security again.