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Activists want UK undercover police inquiry to cover Ireland

RTE News

A number of activists, including some involved with the Shell to Sea campaign, want the Government to request the extension of a British inquiry into the activities of undercover UK police officers to cover activity in Ireland.

At a press conference in Buswells Hotel in Dublin, two female activists allege they unwittingly befriended an undercover British police officer.

It is alleged the man took part in the Shell to Sea campaign in Mayo and in anti-globalisation activity in Dublin.

One of the activists Kim Brien said that in 2004 the police officer encouraged her to come to Ireland to organise and educate people on upcoming demonstrations against the G8 meeting in Scotland in 2005.

She says the man paid for her trip and organised meetings in Ireland through "friends".

Ms Brien says that as a result of those activities around 200 Irish people travelled to Scotland, where some of them were subsequently arrested.

Solicitor Darragh Mackin, who is representing the activists, said the Minister for Justice has already told him the need for an inquiry does not arise.

He said they want her to request the British government extend the remit of the Undercover Policing Inquiry under Sir Christopher Pitchford to include Ireland.

That inquiry is currently only investigating the activities of undercover police officers in England and Wales.

Posted Date: 
6 February 2017