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[Shell to Sea]  Despite the massive interest in the Garda bribery story on public forums the Irish media have barely covered the story, with RTE ignoring it totally still.

Gardai get €70,000 worth of booze from Shell as a "gift"

Anybody who doubts that the Gardai are a private security firm carrying out operations at the behest of rich paymasters needs to be made aware of the sweeteners delivered by Shell in Mayo. OSSL, an oil services company claims that it was charged with "greasing the palms" of interested parties on County Mayo's coastline. The company, managed by Desmond Kane from Glasgow and Neil Rooney from Belfast, insists that the services it carried out for Shell even ran to providing the police force with some €70,000 (£60,200) worth of alcohol soon after a major clash with protesters.

"The pattern was the same as the saga reached its reported nadir: the delivery, from Northern Ireland in an unmarked van, of alcohol worth €35,000 to the Garda station at Belmullet, where the policing operation was quartered at Christmas, 2007. Kane quotes a Supt John Gilligan as saying, while he was helping to unload the consignment of booze, "it's lucky these walls are high", lest the protesters caught a glimpse of what was going on."

Naturally, this massive scandal will be ignored by the Irish media.

Strange tale of Shell's pipeline battle, the Garda and £60,000 worth of booze | World news | The Observer



The Irish media are awar of the scandals, but refuse to cover them.

Until British newspapers cover them, in which case they provide "coverage" and "discussion".

But the compromised Irish media never rushes to unveil the scandals, unless it suits them. For example the Sindo having a go at Malteser. But that is about it




but the shills here will of course jump to defence of the gardaí thugs

Posted Date: 
18 August 2013