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March 2012

News Release: Shell cancel Corrib haulage due to solidarity protest

Issued by Rossport Solidarity Camp - Date: 30th March, 2012

- Day of respite for local residents in Kilcommon parish, Co. Mayo -

Today at 6.45am, 30 campaigners took to the roads at Aghoos, County Mayo in solidarity with the local community in Kilcommon parish opposed to Shell's Corrib gas project. As with previous days of solidarity, Shell have called off all haulage to both Aghoos and Glengad construction sites for the onshore Corrib gas pipeline.

Mahon opens questions about Corrib – Shell to Sea

Áine Ryan - Mayo News

WITH the fall-out from the dramatic revelations of the Mahon Tribunal still unfolding, Shell to Sea has called for a halt to the controversial Corrib gas project and an investigation  into its original facilitation by senior politicians, including Bertie Ahern. The protest groups refers to the Mahon report: “Corruption in Irish political life was both endemic and systemic. It affected every level of government, from some holders of top ministerial offices to some local councillors, and its existence was widely known and widely tolerated.”

Posted Date: 
30 March 2012

Press statement: Kilcommon Community complains to Mayo County Council about Corrib Gas Project construction and haulage works.

[Shell to Sea] The 7 page community complaint can be read here.

On Tuesday , 27th March 2011 a group of residents from the direct vicinity of the Shell construction sites in Glengad and Aughoose and the connecting rural road L1202 handed 104 letters of complaints,  signed by 112 persons into Mayo County Council’s Office in Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

These letters and signatures were also sent to all political parties,  ministers , councillors, the Garda Siochana, the Private Security Authority, and several environmental and human rights organisations.

In 2008  a similar number of residents objected strongly to Mayo CountyCouncil’s plans to transform this small, scenic road into a haulage road for Shell’s  construction traffic. This represents the majority of directly affected households.

Mass community complaint about Corrib Gas Project construction and haulage works

Kilcommon residents

12th march 2012


Posted Date: 
29 March 2012

Flare still burning on North Sea gas leak platform

Rupert Neate - The Guardian

Total says wind is blowing gas away from flare on Elgin platform – but there is a high risk of explosion if two come into contact


Total's Elgin oil and gas platform

Total's Elgin oil and gas platform has been evacuated. Photograph: Total/AP


A flare is still burning on the North Sea platform that has been leaking gas for the last four days.

Total, the French oil company that operates the platform, first disclosed that the flare was still burning late on Tuesday night. The wind is blowing the gas in the opposite direction but, if it should come into contact with the flare, there is a high risk of explosion.

Posted Date: 
28 March 2012

Two arrested over Corrib protest

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

Gardaí in north Mayo arrested two people, following a “lock-on” protest near the Corrib gas project work site today.

A Garda spokesman said that a man and a woman “not from the area” were arrested for public order-related offences and brought to Belmullet Garda Station.

They were both charged and released on bail and are due to appear at Belmullet district court next month.

Posted Date: 
28 March 2012

Protestors blockade road as Shell oil rig leak vindicates Mayo locals' fears

Issued by Rossport Solidarity Camp - Date: 27th March, 2012

-- Shell talk in London disrupted yesterday – protesters applauded --

Shell targeted in anti-greenwash stunt at international conference

London Rising Tide -

“No-one will want to listen to me after that!”

Posted Date: 
27 March 2012

North Sea oil rig evacuated after gas leak

The Guardian

Oil company removes workers from two installations after leak at nearby Elgin platform, 150 miles off the coast of Aberdeen

Oil rigs in the North Sea

Posted Date: 
27 March 2012

Open Letter from Rossport Solidarity Camp to Superintendent Patrick Diskin: Stop stealing our stuff !!!

Rossport Solidarity Camp

Supt. Patrick Diskin,

Posted Date: 
26 March 2012