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February 2011

Shell to Sea distribute 1000's of 540 billion notes

Andrew - Shell to Sea - Indymedia

Today members and supporters of Dublin Shell to Sea gathered the top of Grafton Street to distribute €540 billion ‘commemorative bank notes’ to members of the public, symbolising the cost to the exchequer of the extraordinary giveaway of Ireland’s oil and gas reserves. This was part of a national Shell to Sea day that saw leafletting in 8 other towns and cities around Ireland as well as Dublin.

Natural Resources - We must reclaim Ireland's wealth

Workers Party
The Workers' Party plan to develop our vast oil and gas resources in the national interest - not private profit.

Dublin 'Shell to Sea' Group Highlight Ireland's Loss of Oil and Gas Reserves

Oil Voice

Members of Dublin Shell to Sea gathered on Grafton Street in Dublin on Friday last week to distribute "commemorative bank notes" to highlight issues around Ireland's oil and gas resources.

They say the notes symbolise the €560bn cost to the exchequer of "giving away" Ireland's oil and gas reserves.

Spokesperson for Dublin Shell to Sea Caoimhe Kerins said the group hoped to highlight the extent of Ireland's oil and gas resources today.

Bike-powered protest occupies Shell forecourts in Bristol

Jack the lad - Bristol Indymedia

Yesterday Saturday 12th February, Bristol and Bath Rising Tide and friends went on a bicycle tour of Bristol’s Shell petrol stations.   The ride was in protest at Shell’s activities in Co. Mayo where they are laying a high pressure gas pipeline; and in solidarity with the courageous local resistance to the project.

Shell to Sea launch €540 Billion election note

Press Release Issued by Dublin Shell to Sea -11/03/11

At 2.00pm on Saturday 12th February, members of Dublin Shell to Sea will gather at the top of Grafton Street to distribute €540 billion ‘commemorative bank notes’ to members of the public, symbolising the cost to the exchequer of the extraordinary giveaway of Ireland’s oil and gas reserves.

Questions Galway’s Labour candidates must answer

The Insider - Galway Advertiser

This election marks the end of an era for Galway Labour. Michael D Higgins is hopefully heading for the greener pastures of the Phoenix Park. What may prove to be a gain for Ireland is certainly a loss for the Labour Party. For many on the Left Michael D represented the party’s “conscience”.

His departure means the party’s policies will come under greater scrutiny on the doorstep. There is one make or break question that should be posed to Derek Nolan, Colm Keaveney, and Lorraine Higgins - and to all candidates:

Five killed in Pennsylvania natural-gas explosion

The Associated Press

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — A thunderous gas explosion devastated a row-house neighborhood, killing five people, and suspicion fell on an 83-year-old cast-iron gas main.

The fiery blast was the latest natural-gas disaster to raise questions about the safety of the nation's aging, 2.5-million-mile network of gas and liquid pipelines.

The explosion, which flattened a pair of row houses and set fire to a block of homes late Wednesday, occurred in an area where the underground gas main lacked shut-off valves.

New Vision tells of public anger

Paul Cullen & Marie O'Halloran - Irish Times

INDEPENDENTS: A GROUP of Independents standing under the banner of New Vision says they could win seats if the anger expressed by people on doorsteps translates into votes.

Eamon Blaney, spokesman for the group, said 19 Independent candidates had so far committed to the alliance, but more could come on board in the coming week.

Limerick man contests election to fight against Fianna Fail 'cronyism'

Anne Sheridan - Limerick Leader
A LIMERICK man who alleged in court that Willie O'Dea grabbed him by the neck during a dispute over Shannon Airport three years ago has announced his intention to run in the general election.
Matt Larkin, 38, from Thomondgate, is running on an "anti-corruption and anti-cronyism" basis, citing that years of Fianna Fail in office have turned Ireland into a "borderline third world country."

Bord Pleanala protects Shell

Rudiger - RSC

Here is a video of the audio of a clip recorded from the An Bord Pleanala (ABP) Oral Hearing into the onshore pipeline for the Corrib Gas Project. Although it is very technical in detail in gives an insight into some of the oral hearing and also the way that some language is used to fudge, confuse, protect and hide.