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December 2010

Lorna Siggins wins Book of the Year on TV3

Tonight with Vincent Browne

Lorna Siggins' book  Once Upon a Time in the West won book of the year on TV3's Tonight with Vincent Browne.

See the programme in which Lorna Siggins is interviewed:


'Irish Times' journalists and cartoonist win TV3 awards

Stephen Mangan - Irish Times

TWO JOURNALISTS from The Irish Times and the newspaper’s political cartoonist received prizes in the TV3 Media Awards, announced on the station’s Tonight with Vincent Browne programme.

Irish Times columnist Fintan O’Toole was voted journalist of the year, while cartoonist Martyn Turner was recognised with an outstanding contribution award.

The great gas giveaway

Thérèse Ruane - Letter to The Connaught Telegraph


Oliver Kelleher, in his recent column in The Connaught Telegraph entitled ''The control of our Natural Resources could have been our trump card', rightly points out that Norway run a profitable, debt free, self sufficient state with close to $200 billion in reserves.

Selection of the Best Photos from the Campaign

This is a selection of 10 of the best photos from the campaign over the years. Photo credits are various, if photographers would like to credited for any of photos on the website, please email.

If anyone has a top 10 photos that they would like submitted or displayed, then please email

Corrib hearing may be reopened

Áine Ryan - Mayo News

NEW material submitted by Shell E&P Ireland (SEPIL) may lead to the reopening of an An Bord Pleanála hearing into the controversial Corrib gas project. A spokesman for the board told The Mayo News yesterday that a letter from Pobal Chill Chomáin, and others, requesting the reopening of the hearing was presently under consideration by members of its team.

OIL POLITICS: So Shell is everywhere

Nnimmo Bassey - Next

It was bound to bubble to the surface one day, that the multinational oil companies operating in Nigeria had a certain foothold on the Nigerian government that is more than having a toe in the door. The WikiLeaks reports showed a brash Shell official boasting of how they have infiltrated every facet of the Nigerian government.

Activists demand prosecution of Shell over Wikileaks revelations

Ayo Okulaja - Next

Environmental activists have urged the Nigerian government to begin criminal prosecution of executives of oil giant, Shell, for alleged treasonable activities committed by the corporation as revealed by an online whistleblower, WikiLeaks.

Call to re-open Corrib hearing

Western People

AN BORD Pleanála is considering a request to re-open the oral hearing into the Corrib gas pipeline.
Community group Pobal Chill Chomain sent the request to the board late last week.
The group says the request has been made because of what it claims is “serious irregularities” in further information supplied by Shell E&P Ireland to the Department of the Environment for a foreshore licence application. The new information was provided on October 26 last.

Cine Politics discusses The Pipe

Press Tv

In this episode of Cine Politics, the documentary movie "The Pipe" directed by Risteard O'Domhnaill is reviewed.

In 1996 a large gas field was discovered off the West Coast of Ireland. But with the promise of economic prosperity, there comes a threat to local community of the area.

The conflict and crisis that the pipe makes in the form of a war on land and sea, endangering the lives of local people is introduced in this movie.

Groundwater contaminated at Shell Canada Oil Sands site

Andrea Sands - Edmonton Journal
The leak is being contained in the 400-metre-by-400-metre pit, but a Shell spokesman has said the company doesn’t know what is causing salt water to seep from the bottom of the pit or how to stop it.

Groundwater mapping urged to avoid more mine leaks

By Andrea Sands, Edmonton Journal December 10, 2010