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October 2010

Shell Gas Station Shut Down in London, Ontario Canada

Seanach - Indymedia

Bike Bloc cycles to Shell Station in London Canada and closes it for business

A cavalcade of bicycles cycled down Wellington Street to Oxford Street and converged on a shell Gas Station and held a rally while blocking all entrances to the station.

Europe Considers a Curb on Deepwater Drilling

James Kanter - New York Times

LONDON — As the United States lifted its moratorium on deepwater oil drilling Tuesday, the European Commission  was on the verge of proposing a curb on drilling in extreme conditions until an inquiry into the causes of the fatal explosion at a BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico was completed.

President Barack Obama  imposed the moratorium after the blowout of a BP well on April 20 led to the largest offshore oil spill in American history. He lifted the ban after imposing new rules intended to prevent another such disaster.

Shell Garage Occupied in Bristol!

ukindy - Indymedia

In the early hours of this morning, a small group of Bristol activists occupied the roof of a Shell garage in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Ireland. The activists would like them to know that “We salute you in your struggles! You are not alone!”

Michael D Higgins highlights importance of Corrib gas book

Áine Ryan - Mayo News

TRAGIC’ is how presidential hopeful and Labour Party TD, Michael D Higgins, described the impact of the controversial Corrib gas project on the remote  rural Irish-speaking community in north Mayo.
Deputy  Higgins was officiating in Dublin last week at the launch of Irish Times Western Correspondent, Lorna Siggins’s book, Once Upon a Time in the West – The Corrib Gas Controversy.

Walking Tour sees 'how the 1% live'

1% Network - Indymedia

Up to 250 people took part in the 1% Network’s walking tour on Saturday last, October 9th. As people began to gather from as early as 12.30pm it was clear that large numbers were going to to take the opportunity to ‘see how the 1% live.’ The unusually warm weather and low-key Garda presence added to the almost festive atmosphere for this most unusual of political protests.

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Garda bill for Corrib stand-off hits €14m

Tom Brady - Irish Independent

[Shell to Sea] Please be advised that the Irish Independent is controlled by Tony O Reilly, who also owns oil & gas exploration company Providence Resources.

TAXPAYERS have forked out almost €14m towards the cost of providing a policing operation at the controversial Corrib gas pipeline project.

Extra gardai have been on duty in the north Mayo area for more than five years because of demonstrations and protests against the Shell project by a small group of locals, backed by outside groups.

Ex-garda hired to manage Corrib pipeline security

Scott Millar - Irish Examiner

A FORMER senior Mayo garda has started working for a security firm at Shell’s controversial Corrib gas pipeline site just over a year after he helped to police the project.

Former Westport super-intendent Pat Doyle has joined Integrated Risk Management Solutions, which is contracted to provide a 170-strong security team to the project.

Mr Doyle retired from the force in May 2009 and will now take a management role with the security firm at the site.

He is not the first retired senior garda to be employed on the project.

Fury at HSE cuts as Shell profits from Ireland’s gas

Joanne McDonald - The Irish Emigrant

A Chara,

The HSE West decision to slash its budget by a further €50 million is presented by them and the Dublin government as being unavoidable and necessary. It is neither.

These health cuts, just like attacks on other essential public services, workers pay and social welfare are deliberate political decisions taken by a government who care nothing about the poverty, suffering and illness they cause.

Lorna lifts lid on Corrib Gas controversy in riveting book

Bernie Ni Fhlatharta - Galway News

The story of the controversial Corrib Gas Field is not over yet but a Galway based journalist felt compelled to put it between the covers of a book.

Another retired cop takes Shell's shilling

anarchaeologist - Indymedia

Former Garda Superintendent Pat Doyle finds employment with IRMS

According to this week's Mayo News, former Garda Superintendent Pat Doyle has joined IRMS, the Kildare security firm with central European paramilitary links.