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September 2010

Variety Review of The Pipe

John Anderson - Variety

A Scannain Inbhear Teoranta presentation in association with Underground Films, Riverside Television and TG4 with the participation of the Irish Film Board. (International sales: Cinetic Media, New York.) Produced by Rachel Lysaght, Risteard O Domhnaill. Directed by Risteard O Domhnaill.

With: Pat O'Donnell, Maura Harrington, Willie Corduff, Mary Corduff.

Gas pipeline explosion kills 4 near Mashhad

Tehran Times Social Desk

MASHHAD/TEHRAN – An explosion in a gas pipeline near the northeastern city of Mashhad on Friday killed 4 people and injured 16 others, Alireza Gharibi, director of the Iran Gas Engineering and Development Company, told the Mehr News Agency.

Fireball tragedy in California suburb brings gas industry under scrutiny

Suzanne Goldenberg - The Guardian

The deadly explosion has increased pressure on the government to regulate the extraction method hydraulic fracturing


San Bruno fire

Chimneys and burned-out cars are left in the wake of an explosion and fire in San Bruno, south of South Francisco. Photograph: Max Whittaker/Getty Images

Beat the Boreholes disrupts Shell once again!

RSC - Indymedia

Last Wednesday protesters disrupted Shell's work as they moved one of their hideous drilling rigs into a shallow part of the SAC estuary, close to the Rossport solidarity camp. Protesters used kayaks to get to the rig which was flanked by fourteen boats of I-RMS security and Gardai.

Who said natural gas pipelines are safe? Inquiry Sifting Cause of Blast in the Bay Area

John Donovan - Royal Dutch Shell plc

As of late Friday, besides the 4 people confirmed dead, 52 people were injured and 3 suffered third-degree burns, Mr. Maldonado said. A total of 37 structures had burned, and 7 more were damaged…

Vijay Duggal, 60, was watching a football game. “I thought we’d been attacked by a missile,” he said. “Everything was shaking. I thought, This is the end.”


Steel gas mains draw regulators’ scrutiny

Alex Johnson - MSNBC

Failures of pipes like the one in California blast have triggered action in other states

Natural gas mains made of steel, like the one that apparently failed in Thursday’s deadly California explosion, are considered especially susceptible to corrosion and leaking, leading regulators in some states to consider replacing them.

Community action stops Shell's drilling

Shell to Hell - Indymedia

Whilst the Oral Hearing on Shell's pipeline route continues, the last few weeks have seen yet more successful actions against the borehole drilling in the Special Area of Conservation Sruwaddacon estuary.


Massive Crater Left in Wake of Gas Pipe Explosion

NBC Bay Area


The above photograph is the source of the explosion that left a path of destruction in San Bruno.   A 30-inch PG&E gas line ruptured Thursday night, killing at least four people and injuring dozens more.  Four people were critically injured by the flames and face months of recover at a San Francisco burn unit.

A giant crater marks the spot where it all began.  Nearby, a huge pipe sits in the middle of the street as cadaver dogs search the rubble for more possible victims.

Gas Explosions Not Uncommon

CBS News



Fire crews tried to douse the remnants of an enormous blaze Friday after a gas line ruptured and an explosion ripped through in a neighborhood near San Francisco.

Four dead in San Francisco gas explosion


At least four people have died and 52 have been injured after a gas pipeline exploded and set off a fire that engulfed a neighbourhood near San Francisco.

Earlier reports put the number of dead at six, and the death toll is expected to rise as more homes are searched, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Watch the video

More than 100 residents were forced to flee and more than 170 homes damaged or destroyed as the blast ripped through the town of San Bruno and triggered a giant fire.