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July 2010

The Two Faces of John Gormley


Speaking at a Green Party gathering in Limerick last Saturday [July 24], party leader and Twenty-Six County environment minister John Gormley gave a pledge to end corporate donations to parties in the state, as well as criticising the pervasive influence of big business on politics.

A few days earlier, it was revealed that waste processing company Covanta are considering legal action over Gormley’s continued refusal to grant a foreshore license for the controversial waste incinerator plant in Poolbeg, Dublin.

Corrib gas consultants apologise for omitting data on pipeline route

Lorna Siggins

27th July 2010

CORRIB GAS project consultants have apologised for omitting material submitted to An Bord Pleanála as part of its new pipeline route application.

RPS Consultants have written to a number of appellants explaining that some data was omitted from the environmental impact statement.

An Bord Pleanála told The Irish Times yesterday that it was contacted by the consultants, and it believed at this stage it should not delay the resumed oral hearing, set for August 24th, into the last section of pipeline.

Press Statement Against Provocation In The Irish Newspaper "The Independent"

Akai - Anarchist Solidarity, ZSP

False information in media about Polish anarchist

In response to the article entitled "Polish Anarchist Linked to Corrib Gas Pipeline Protest", published in the Irish newspaper the Independent, we state that the information contained in the article is false.

Submission against Shell EIS and CAOs - Deadline is this WED 28th

Below you can find the two community submissions
1. against Shell's EIS pipeline application.
2. against Shell's application for Compulsory Acquisition Orders

Feel free to print off and send as your own or write your own version.
Deadline is this WED 28th July 5.30pm.
Case reference: PL16 .GA0004

To: An Bord Pleanala,


The Board,


64 Marlborough St,


Dublin 1.


Battle rages in Ireland over offshore drilling

David Thorpe - Scitizen

Here's a question: in which country do you imagine that a police officer might say to a protestor who is trying to prevent an offshore gas/oil drilling exploration, “I have your last breath in my hands”?

Shell to Sea/CommonsWell, allegedly, it isn't the Gulf of Mexico but a good deal closer.

On the night of 14 July, a number of campaigners entered the water in Broadhaven Bay, County Mayo, on Ireland's north west coast, in kayaks and rafts in a peaceful attempt to prevent Shell from bringing in a borehole drilling platform.

Press Release: Shell to Sea slam Green Minister's hypocrisy

Press release - Issued by Dublin Shell to Sea
Friday, 23rd July 2010
Poolbeg Incinerator deal to be renegotiated - Shell to Sea slam Green Minister's hypocrisy

Dublin Shell to Sea has accused Minister John Gormley of “blatant hypocrisy and cute-hoorism” over his approach to the Poolbeg incinerator located in the Minister's Dublin South East and Shell’s proposed inland gas refinery in Co Mayo.

Leaked Shell internal emails reveal concern over Corrib subsea wells

John Donovan -

Published below is my self-explanatory correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell ethics boss Richard Wiseman, over the latest installment of leaked Shell internal emails, this time relating to the highly sensitive topic of the Corrib Gas Project in Ireland. More will follow.


Beat the boreholes water division

Madam K - Indymedia

Sruwaddacon estuary,the estuary is a Special Area of Conservation and Special Protected Area ,National Heritage Area

it has been an integral part of live in the community for generations.Transocean who constructed B.P`s defective well head in the gulf of Mexico have constructed Shells oil and gas well heads here in Glengad.

Green Party leader Minister John Gormley has given his full backing to Shell.

Welcome Home Pat O`Donnell

Madam K - Indymedia

Pat the Chief O`Donnell returns home

After serving five months and one week for opposing Shell Pat O`Donnell arrives back home in Erris to a Hero`s welcome

After serving five months and one week for opposing Shell Pat O`Donnell arrives back home in Erris to a Hero`s welcome while the real criminals walk the streets.
Renegotiate the Corrib gas project terms now.