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June 2010

Providence Resources set to resume drilling here

Thomas Molloy - Irish Independent

PROVIDENCE Resources, the oil and gas exploration company, expects to resume drilling off Ireland in the near future, chief executive Tony O'Reilly said at the explorer's annual meeting in Dublin yesterday.

Providence hinted that it would soon announce drilling at fields in Irish waters such as Spanish Point, Kinsale, Dunquin, Dalkey Island or Dragon.

Merthyr to Mayo - Ennistymon to Gort


We started out in another slightly pungent hall, tightly packed with roll-mats and elaborate snoring. The mist on the hills outside lifted as we faffed, and by the time we finally made it onto the road the sun was out again. The fields round about were pretty fantastical. We've become blasé about the buttercups, but today there daisies densely packed around white ponies, and the elderflower is just beginning to explode in the hedges.

Shell will cut gas risk with 4.9km tunnel

Paul Melia - Irish Independent

[Shell to Sea] Please be advised that the Irish Independent is controlled by Tony O Reilly, who also owns oil & gas exploration company Providence Resources.

ENERGY giant Shell E&P plans to build the longest tunnel in the country to bring gas from the Corrib gas field ashore.