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June 2010

Merthyr to Mayo - A day in Galway


The lovely folk of Galway gave us beds last night, yeah! So after a lye-in and a vegan fry up (hmmm....) we headed into Galway town square a little late for the group meeting. It was great to see the group together, though at the meeting we heard about some really distressing news. The flotilla of boats carrying international activists and supplies to Gaza, which has been under an illegal seige for 3 years had been attacked by the Israeli Defence Force. 20 people had been machine gunned down and killed and 50 or so injured.

International solidarity bike ride arrives at Bellanaboy

Merthyr to Mayo - Press Release

For immediate release
4th June, 2010

International bike ride links communities in resistance:
Merthyr to Mayo cyclists meet local campaigners at the Shell refinery in Bellanaboy, Friday 4th June, 5.30pm

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster


Go to the website here to visualise what the BP oil spill would look like in your area:


Shell outlines plans to build underwater pipe

Marian Harrison - Western People

SHELL E&P Ireland has outlined plans to build a tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay for the Corrib gas pipeline.

In its revised environmental impact statement, lodged late yesterday afternoon (Monday) with An Bord Pleanála, Shell outlined plans for an underwater pipe carrying gas from the landfall at Glengad to the terminal at Bellanaboy.

Merthyr to Mayo - Galway to Castlerea

PK Ben and Jess - merthyr to mayo

Alarm set very early, we rise for the long day ahead. This morning, we are blessed that the rain has stopped. Hospitality all along the way has been great, and Galway no exception. There are a lot of us crammed in this particular house, but in a scramble of socks, and coffee, we all ready ourselves and head into the city where we meet up.

There are lots of new faces with us now. We have swelled from 50 to around 70, I would guess. A handful of the new folks comprise a Ceilidh band. Wow. We began with a mandolin and a guitar, and soon we will have a full orchestra.

Shell announce new route for Corrib Gas pipeline

Edwin McGreal - Mayo News

Shell have confirmed that they are to re-route the Corrib gas project under Sruwaddacon Bay after An Bord Pleanála requested that they do so.
In a revised environmental impact statement (EIS), Shell E&P Ireland Limited (SEPIL) is seeking planning permission to build a tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay to carry the onshore pipeline from the landfall at Glengad towards the Bellanaboy Gas Processing Terminal.

Planning board to assess latest Corrib plan

Lorna Siggins, The Irish Times

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

AN BÓRD Pleanála says it will take “some days” to assess whether Shell’s revised Corrib gas onshore pipeline application qualifies for a resumed oral hearing.

Workshop Timetable for the June Gathering

Rossport Solidarity Camp


Join us at the Rossport Solidarity Gathering from 4th to 7th of June


The timetable of workshops for this year's Rossport Solidarity June Gathering is now available - there's loads to suit all tastes, and with a savage party and a great weather forecast, it's time to get down to Mayo!


Oil spill is just latest US disaster caused by regulatory failures

Lara Marlowe - Irish Times

AMERICA: Regulatory capture – the domination of US regulatory agencies by industries – is at heart of banking and oil spill crises

THE PROPER role of government is a debate as old as America. It marks the most profound division between Republicans and Democrats, and perhaps the biggest difference between the US and Europe.

Shell says gas pipe will meet safety codes

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

SHELL EP Ireland says it believes its new plan for the Corrib gas onshore pipeline meets or exceeds all “relevant” international and national codes and standards.

The nearest occupied house will now be 234m (767ft) away from the pipeline – more than three times the original distance, the developers state.